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Save time with the materials and prices readily available on the system. You can create a quotation while on site..


If you are still not sure about any of the prices on the system, you can choose to send a Request for Quote (RFQ) to your supplier to get the latest prices. The supplier will then send you a quotation which is received back in the system. You can then override the prices in the system.


You need to do a specified Quotation to a client. The client would like to see all the material items. And it is a task that you repeat regularly during the month ex. a geyser installation. You know from experience that you need ex. 8 items to complete the installation. Well, it’s easy, you create a template with the items you need. This template is saved. For future projects you simply recall the template and use it in your quotation.


KOST is fully integrated with Sage and Quickbooks. When an invoice is sent from the KOST system, an invoice can be sent seamlessly to your bookkeeper. Also, when a particular invoice shows paid on SAGE, Quickbooks and Xero a trigger will be sent back to the KOST system to mark that invoice as paid.


KOST not only caters for maintenance, but also caters for a larger construction project. With all the materials and prices at your disposal, you can complete a total tender in double quick time, ensuring that you have an accurate bottom line, and can submit the tender with confidence.


Are you still phoning your orders through to your supplier? Well ordering your materials have just got a whole lot easier. Simply select the materials you would like to purchase, choose your supplier on the system and email or Whatsapp your order.

The supplier will then pick your order and let you know via Whatsapp, a call or email that your order is ready for collection. Cutting out extra logistics are going to make your life so much easier. Why still wait in a queue?

Take photos of your project. Save these photos to your project on KOST. Give descriptions for these photos and attach to quotations and invoices.

You can send a quotation, invoice, purchase order and request for quote via Whatsapp. Your client might not have his email handy to view your quotation. No problem, Whatsapp the quote to your client. Instead of emailing your Purchase order to your supplier, Whatsapp it.


Send Invoices directly from the KOST system to your client.  Additionally, the client can pay you immediately. The client simply clicks on the pay now PAYFAST button on the invoice. This will navigate him to the PAYFAST gateway, from where the client can pay you.

KOST has gone to great lengths to have the material lists as complete as possible. The goal was to cater for every material item that exists, so that you, the user, do not have to call around to find a specific item. In saying that, you might only be using ex. 300 items on a regular basis. So, you can create a favourites list of items you use often.

Keep track of invoices sent to clients. Which invoices are paid and which are outstanding? Send reminders to clients of unpaid invoices.

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